Rachel Kwan is a BC-based film director, screenwriter, and overall content creator. Graduate of the Motion Picture Arts Program at Capilano University, Rachel is driven by her desire to bring BIPOC and LGBTQ+ voices to the forefront. Connecting with like-minded people, Rachel creates a warm work environment for everyone to thrive and is always on the hunt for the next glass ceiling to shatter.

Whether its commercial or feature length, she believes that every moment is purposeful, and that an attention to detail is the glue to any narrative. Rachel is fuelled by collaborative team environments and is in perpetual search for new experiences and perspectives to add to her repertoire. At the age of 16, Rachel created her own videography company that continues to create films for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. Soon after, her fresh perspective garnered her her own column in the Richmond News as a returning photojournalist/writer. Though a diverse work experience, Rachel never stopped her love for film. In 2019, Rachel made the Top 40 in the Crazy 8s Film competition for her coming-of-age film “In Your Shoes”, which is now in development. 

Aside from her freelance work, Rachel is an absolute film buff, comic book hoarder, and craft beer enthusiast. She is highly ambitious in everything that she does, whether that is competitive sports or all you can eat sushi. Though just five-foot-one, she is up for any challenge and looks to explore her ever-expanding comfort zone. If you would like to speak with her, she is most likely hanging out at the local movie theatre. Or just e-mail her, that works too.




BTS photos from Offside, courtesy of Maira Gimenes