Rachel Kwan is a BC-based videographer, photographer, and writer. She is currently in her second year of Film studies at the University of Victoria. A frequent ferry attendee between Victoria and Vancouver, Rachel is driven by her love for storytelling, need for adventure, eye for precise composition, and constant desire to find the joy in the ordinary. In the past, she has worked as a photojournalist/reporter for the Richmond news as well as filmed various weddings. She still gets emotional at every ceremony.

She believes that every moment is purposeful, and that an attention to detail is the glue to the narrative. By getting to know her clients, she creates an environment unique to every individual story. Rachel is fuelled by collaborative team environments and is in perpetual search for new experiences to add to her repertoire.

Aside from her freelance work, Rachel is an absolute film buff, comic book hoarder, and craft beer enthusiast (her favourites being Wes Anderson, Wolverine, and amber ales, respectively). She is highly ambitious in everything that she does, whether that is varsity soccer or all you can eat sushi. Though just five-foot-one, she is up for any challenge and looks to explore her ever-expanding comfort zone. If you would like to speak with her, she is most likely at a coffee shop spending her life savings on overpriced strudels. Or just e-mail her, that work too.